Bytes of Good Live series

We cover topics across the social impact spectrum, with inspirational visits from Coding it Forward, the Thoughtful Technology Project, and more. Catch our last broadcast below!

Design Ethically with Kat Zhou

Join Kat Zhou, creator of Design Ethically and product designer at Spotify, as she walks through the Design Ethically framework. This workshop is an exploration of actionable steps that teams can take to steer products in the right direction.

Tech for Public Interest

What is technology for public interest? To answer this question and learn more, we've invited Shelly Kurtz to speak with us. Shelly Kurtz is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Giving Tech Labs, an innovation center for Technology for Public Interest (#Tech4PI).

ML Systems as Tools of Oppression

What harms can machine learning systems cause participants? What can developers do to build better ones? To answer these questions, we invited Skyler Wharton (they/them), a machine learning and backend software engineer on Airbnb’s anti-discriminaton product team.

Tech & Electoral Politics

How has tech affected US politics and our election season? We dive into tech and electoral politics with two incredible speakers: founder of the Thoughtful Technology Project, Aviv Ovadya, and VP of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, Darrell West.